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Send us a complex case for expert review. Or as as a poster presentation. Prize for best Poster. All abstracts published on website. Closing date: 2nd Sept 24.


The faculty would like to create a forum for discussion of complex rhinoplasty cases and to offer advice to all surgeons. This is in keeping with the MDT approach which is a requirement currently in clinical practice.

Rhinoplasty cases can be highly complex.

We invite new surgeons and experienced surgeons to submit cases to the panel for discussion and offer advice.

Please could you ensure that you have permission from the patient to submit these cases for review.

In the clinical notes feel free to document that you are seeking a second opinion from a panel of experts.

Patients often appreciate that their surgeon is seeking a second opinion and this can also protect the surgeon from complaints if a patient is unhappy.


Winner 2019 Abstract Competition

Nose Graft

Recent Publications by Faculty

Gruber, Ronald; Chang, Te Ning; Kahn, David; Sullivan, Patrick Less. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 119(3):1044-1053, March 2007

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