Sat 12th Nov 2022 & Thurs 10th Nov Dissection 2022



The course places an emphasis on junior surgeons learning step by step open and preservation rhinoplasty.

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All surgeons must be aware of how to manage complications when they occur. An unhappy patient scenario is explained.


The Tip

The tip is the most challenging area of rhinoplasty. The relationship with a de-hump is explained in clear terms.

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All rhinoplasty surgeons need to have an understading of how fillers & non-surgical treaments can help their patients. This is explaied in the course.


London Rhinoplasty Course 2022 is a two day, CPD certified course, designed for all surgeons who would like to update their skills and knowledge.


Day 1: Dissection in the lab with Faculty demonstrating Rhinoplasty, Facelift and Blepharoplasty on Thurs 10th Nov 2022 in London

Day 2: Lecture and Fast Panel discussion 

The 2022 program will provide updates, new insights and practical tips to improve surgical practice. A combination of plenary lectures, panel discussions and video techniques will be used throughout the day.

Highlights will include:

  1. Hybrid Preservation Rhinoplasty

  2. Push down technique for Hump

  3. Videos on open rhinoplasty

  4. Videos on closed rhinoplasty 

  5. Septoplasty made simple 

  6. Solving complications after rhinoplasty 

  7. "Revision isn't failure in rhinoplasty"

  8. How to run a rhinoplasty practice 

  9. Fillers in rhinoplasty

  10. Face surgery: ancillary procedures for the chin and lips

  11. Panel discussions  

  12. Do's and Dont's of Social Media - NEW

Topics for panel discussion:

  1. Functional assessment

  2. Caudal septal deviation

  3. Spreader grafts, when and how?

  4. Which approach?

  5. Dorsal grafting

  6. Osteotomies

  7. Cartilage depleted patient 

  8. Tip problems

  9. Revision

  10. Imaging

  11. Difficult patients

Program 2022

8.45-9 Rajan Uppal/ Nick Eynon-Lewis Introduction

9-9.15 Nick Eynon-Lewis Assessment of the Nose for Rhinoplasty

9.15-9.35 Romana Kuchai The Difficult Septum

9.35-10.00 Nick Eynon-Lewis Functional Factors in rhinoplasty

10.00-10.15 Romana Kuchai Management of the Deviated Nose

10.15-10.30 Panel discussion


10.30-11 Tea


11-11.20 Santdeep Paun Tip surgery - external approach 

11.20-11.45 Rajan Uppal Preservation Rhinoplasty and Push Down

11.45-12.10 Santdeep Paun Managing the Dorsum

12.10-12.30 Panel discussion


12.30-1.30 Lunch


1.30-2 Prof David Kahn Getting the Fundamentals Right

2-2.25 Lucian Ion Hybrid Let down and Dorsal reduction 

2.25-2.50 Prof Hesham Saleh Tip surgery - Endonasal approach

2.50-3.10 Panel discussion

3.10-3.30 Tea


3.30-3.50 Apul Parikh Fillers in rhinoplasty - Non surgical

3.50-4.10 Nick Eynon-Lewis The Unsuitable Patient

4.10-4.45 Panel Case discussions/ Pearls

5pm Close


Perform facial plastic surgery with the masters on fresh-frozen specimens. You will get to practice facelift, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

 anatomy of the neck

Physiology of Cervical Aging


Aged neck anatomy


Hyoid bone repositioning


Treatment of the submandibular gland and digastric muscle


Treatment of low cervical flaccidity, stenohyoid muscle plication


Hypomentalism and chin prosthesis


Superficial and deep-structured cervicoplasty


Non-excisional cervicoplasty


Cervicoplasty without submental opening


complex cervical surgeries


Cervicoplasty in a young person


Cervicoplasty complications


Hemostatic Network in Cervicoplasty

Applied anatomy of the middle third

Surgical anatomy of the middle and lower thirds of the face

Skin flap dissection techniques

SMAS-platysma anatomy

SMAS-platisma plication

Lateral SMASectomy



Treatment of malar festoon by direct excision

Bichat Fatty Treatment

Techniques and indications of different types of fat grafting

facial liposuction


Applied anatomy of the periorbital region

Surgical anatomy of the fronto-orbital region

Correction of eyelid ptosis

transconjunctival approach

Arcus marginalis release

Cantopexies and lateral canthoplasties

Correction of entropion and ectropion, tarsal-strip

Treatment of festoons and malar bags

How to avoid complications in peri-orbital cosmetic surgery

Skin brow lift

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Transpalpebral Brow-lift

Gliding Brow Lift (GBL)